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Natanelflorens alternative investment products creates new space of optimum yield in real estate investment and private equity funds using the PPITâ„¢ model with or without cash. Options provides unequaled yield at very low risk.
Our portfolio managers will meticulously review your existing portfolios; property and match your current yield against various economic and market fundamentals to arrive at a current weighted yield and proposed possible high yield options under a structured portfolio management arrangement.
We design customized financial solutions for specific needs and to meet peculiar requirements for individuals, private and public institutions. Risk financing, asset backed securitization, capital sourcing etc. with array of local and international partners, we would deliver your specific solution.
Our technical team, design, cost and develop new properties, manage new and existing properties, offering an end to end shared services proposition.
We offer end to end customized solution for premium and private individuals and institutions. Offering ranges from handling and logistics services to investment linked apartment services.