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Rent To Own


Today in Nigeria, there are about 14 million housing units out of which about 12 million units are for rentals. The implication of this is that we have more than 85% of the Nigerian population living in rented properties.This indices, is a testimony to the large pool of people below the rich line. Without your own home, the propensity to create wealth is zero. Owning your home is an important factor to wealth creation. To this end, Natanelflorens Limited is the pioneer company that has devised the "Rent to Own™" scheme in the real estate sector in Nigeria. This means your yearly rent will accumulate towards the ownership of the property you reside in after a period of time. Natanelflorens Limited offers you an opportunity to own your own home via rental payment and thereby leading you on your journey to immediate wealth. The wealth of Nigeria is not in crude oil, but in the aggregated wealth of its citizens. Our mandate therefore is to make this happen and we hope you will find our offer of wealth optimization invaluable.
Welcome to our clique and bring others along.
It is a revolution.


What is Rent-Own-Earn™
Rent-Own-Earn™ is NatanelFlorens wealth creation version of rent-to-own. It is being able to live in the property you want to acquire, pay a yearly rent and after a period certain the property becomes yours.
So, with NF's Rent-Own-Earn™, you can.
- Rent and own your property after a period certain.
- Thereafter, start earning an income while still living in the apartment.
This is likened to convertible long tenancy where:
a. The house fully reverts back to the Tenant after the leasehold tenure on the land.
b. Allow property owners to earn free income for the tenor of the Title leasehold.


- Become a landlord by paying your rent.
- 0% interest, no mortgage, no initial contribution.
- Wealth creation – Earn money while living in your own house.
- Building fully insured.
- Fully serviced, highly secured environment.

Advantage of NF Rent-Own-Earn™.

This is the only rent-to-own version anywhere in Nigeria;
- That is not a mortgage
- That allows you pay the current rental while relocating to a new house.
- That allows you to create wealth both at the immediate and long term.
- That offers cheapest and affordable option of owning a house.
- No equity contribution.


- To own property in this scheme, you pay your rent over a period certain e.g. If the rent is fixed at N2.5m/year and value of property is N25m, you pay over 10yrs or more and the property is yours.
- Thereafter, your property is valued and you begin to earn on your property annually for the remaining leasehold period of the land.
- If your property is N55m at the end of the 10yrs or proposed period you have been paying rent, you will now earn about N28m every 5yrs.
- If the leasehold on the Title were for 50 years, you would have earned about N280m at the end of that period.

Cost Advantage.

- This is the only option that saves between 47% to 79% in cash savings when compared with all other home ownership options.
- Offers lowest monthly repayment option and in fact does not change your existing rent payment pattern and cost.
- Offers the lowest entry fees, the truth is that what you pay as entry fee is what you will pay as agency with any other options.
- Most importantly this is 0% interest.

Fees to be paid are:.

1. Entry fee: This is 5% of total cost of the property over period of rental payment.
2. Closing fee: This is 5% total cost of property, payable at the end of the rental period.
3. Legal fees: This is paid both at the beginning and end of the transaction i.e. before the tenor begins and at exit point at period certain. This is 2.5% at each point.
4. Annual management fee: This is 2.5% of rent every year.
5. Facility management: This is dependent on the kind of services and facilities being offered. TBD

What is the red light (danger)?.

- Default, under this scheme, you cannot afford to default on rental payment at any point in time. You can easily lose the option to own and earn upon default of rent.
- You can only technically own the house after full payment of rent over the rental period.

Protection (how do you protect yourself just in case).

1. All intending owners must procure rent assurance policies from RSL Derivatives in conjunction with NEM Insurance Plc or any other appointed or designated insurance company,
a. This protects you against inability to pay rent for the following year (one year rent only) in case of death, permanent disability, critical illness and loss job/income that is not malicious.
b. Rate is as ascribed by RSL/NEM
2. Natanelflorens covers the building (excluding tenant's fixtures and assets) against fire and other special perils.

Optional protection
We strongly advise you take the following additional Insurance protection.
1. Mortgage protection assurance from any reputable Insurance company.
a. This is to protect you from losing your property in unforeseen event of death, critical illness or permanent disability.
b. This cover does not cover loss of job.
c. You can take this cover anytime within your rental period; it is optional.
2. Householder Insurance.

Earning on Properties (The Earn part).

- Based on final closure year valuation, new house owner will earn 80% value of the FSV of their apartment, over a 5 year period. This is income or yield that can be earned every 5 years.

Sale /Exit.

- Sale or exit is possible after acquisition.
- NF is given first right of refusal.
- If you want to leverage on your property after acquisition, NF would provide leverage at 2% below market rate.


Age limit for participation in NF's R.O.E is:
a. Public Sector
- Minimum of 10 years to retirement and not more than 50 years.
b. Private Sector
- Cannot be more than 55 years.
c. Business Owners
i. Professionals: Not more than 55 years.
ii. Non-Professionals: Not more than 55 years
a. Association based
b. Non Association based
- They must have evidence of rental payment for at least 3 years – 5 years.
- The rent must not be less than 50% of the rental on offer.
- Must show evidence of payment of association dues for the corresponding years.
- Evidence of payment professional dues a plus.
- Evidence of tax payment (subject to MD's waiver)
- Evidence of constant income for the last 5 years (Subject to MD's waiver)


- At entry point: Tenancy agreement with buy option
- On completion of rental period: Deed of Assignment substituted with Trust Deed.
- After leasehold on Tile: Deed of Release of Deed of assignment.

Transaction Process.

- Product brief inform of a brochure is accessed by proposed off taker (PO).
- An application form is filled and sent back online by the PO.
- On approval of the applications, an approval/offer letter is sent to the proposed off taker alongside an acceptance form which he is expected to fill and return.
- On the return of the acceptance form, the PO is expected to come in with his cheque or proof of payment of 5% entry fee.
- All legal documentation is done thereafter.
- Upon signing the legal document, the PO goes ahead to pay the legal fees and the Rent.
- Take possession.
- Subsequently he pays annual deposit for rent annual deposit for service Charge / facility management etc. as well as other requisite taxes or statutory deductions for the tenure before the property becomes his/hers.
- Closure fee: Another 5% of the rent and 2.5% legal.
- Sales foreclosure agreement with Deed of Assignment in new owners name will be sent to the Corporate Trustees and replaced with a Trust Deed.


Rent-Own-Earn is NatanelFlorens' version of the well known Rent-to-own. It is a scheme developed to assist many would-be house owners to achieve their dreams with ease by paying annual rent on their intended property and own it after a period certain.
The difference between R-O-E and R-T-O is that after the property is fully paid for and becomes yours; you can begin to earn a premium on it to the tune of 80% of the forced sales value every 5 years.
- It is a scheme developed to assist many would be house owners to achieve their dreams with ease by paying annual rent on their desired property and own it later in the years.
- The cost advantage is that it frees your disposal income to some extent that allows you spend money on other items than tying it down in a building project.
You can transfer at 5yrs minimum to NF who then transfer to your prefered buyer who will assume your rights and obligations.